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The icon of people holding hands, symbolizes our unity in purpose, support and collaboration.

The alternate colors represent our diversity (different countires, nationalities etc.) yet there is a singular unity in aspirations, commitment and a strong and sturdy support for one another.

The alternating colors of green and gold blend that which is considered precious and that which is ever-growing, both enduring.

The consequence of our coming together in unison creates the image of a beautiful flower.


The Globe reflects our worldwide presence, reach and influence, while the Kaabah at its centre serves as our central point of refection.

Believers from all corners of the world turn their faces in unison to the venerated Kabaah as a single body of the faithful, so too does it orientate our aspirations, vision and the purpose of all our educational effort – which is to nurture and fashion Insaan-ul-Kaamil: The Complete Human, worthy of the title “Khalifatullah”.




The circumference of the circle symbolizes the safety of our community/ummah within the circle. The horizontal lines at the top, bottom and centre represent the sanctity of our Shari’a boundaries. he openness on the left and right of these lines allow for our endless pursuit of excellence (Ihsaan) in all we do. It also symbolizes our openness to varied views and input.

The symbolism of gold is again used.




Symbolism of Green and Gold

As emblematic colors of Islam, they represent Dunya and Aakhira, symbolic of preparing our students for the Here and the Hereafter.


A color of Jannah and the dominant color in nature, the green verdant with its extensive shades and hues suggests a new beginning, a sprouting of fresh shoots, a burgeoning growth towards fruition and maturity, and the cycle renewal of life, of love and of living, of continuous learning and renewal.

The color green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment, rest and security, and ambience of peace and tranquility.


Attractive, bright, highly sought after, unequalled in value and purity – gold represents that which is precious, enduring, solid and durable to the point of indestructibility, just like our Deen in this period of liquid modernity with all its challenges.

Symbolism of Color White

The clear translucent (white) background reflect cleanliness, honesty, openness and transparency.

White is a reflective color that represents an enabling atmosphere in which purity, sophistication, efficiency an virtue blossom, ideals we strive for in thought and action.

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