About Us

Who We Are

The Global Association of Islamic Schools (GAIS) is a non-profit, voluntary membership association of organisations and individuals whose mission is to be of service to Islamic School Education (K to 12) across the globe. 

Inspired by a sense of Ummah consciousness, the GAIS brings together schools, organizations, educators and scholars under a single global banner with the common aspiration to make a positive contribution to Islamic Schooling world-wide.

With the proliferation of Islamic schools, the time has arrived for a global effort to bring all Islamic school associations, school groups, organisations and schools together under a unified global body.

GAIS aspires to co-create the future of Islamic education by uniting and empowering the K to 12 Islamic School community.

We bring Islamic schools together to build global solidarity and actively promote a culture of excellence.

Our Purpose



We exist to strengthen Islamic schools globally, allowing them to positively impact their local communities.



We provide thought leadership, networking opportunities and research-based standards for a holistic and relevant education.


Facilitate & Develop

We facilitate, develop & deliver strategic programmes that support  professional growth, good governance and strategic thinking.



We provide a platform for the sharing of resources, collaboration and mutual growth and development.



We provide a forum for teachers to connect with and learn from each other.



Through our rich, diverse and varied membership, we are able to provide authentic and unwavering support to member schools.



We bring opportunities for world-class professional learning opportunities and advisory services to our members based on continuous research into the specific needs of Islamic Schools.



We exist to ensure our members are always learning & growing, creating a fertile environment to inspire our schools so that our children flourish and take up their rightful place as tomorrow’s leaders.



We bring Islamic schools together to build global solidarity and actively promote a culture of excellence, harnessing the collective intellectual capital of member schools for the benefit of all.

As part of the effort to bring about Islamic school renewal, GAIS welcomes partnerships with businesses, organizations, scholars and universities around the world who share the same mission to serve the needs of K-12 Islamic Education.

A Brief Overview of

Our History

The GAIS took root after an online meeting initiated by Br. Zaffar Ahmed who reached out to a group of nine Islamic School Associations across the globe on 22 November 2021. Following an enthusiastic response from this first auspicious gathering, a general working group was formed along with a steering committee, and so started the journey to bring all Islamic School associations, organizations and schools together under the banner of the Global Association of Islamic Schools.

We Believe

As independent Islamic schools across the globe, we are connected by our common aim to anchor the hearts and souls of our children in a moral framework inspired by an Islamic value system.
Personal fulfilment is derived from striving toward a sense of purpose and making connections through service to others.
A sense of belonging enables people and communities to thrive and flourish & Working together for the sake of Allah results in barakah and more positive outcomes.
Sharing, collaborating and nurturing are necessary for growth and change.
All individuals have intrinsic worth and should be respected.
Being open to differences and being cognisant of international-mindedness is crucial for success in an interconnected world.
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