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Reading circle
GAIS Spotlight

Here’s a little guide to help you pick an event that might strike your fancy.

- If you are into webinars that provide insights, discussions, and thought leadership, following a thought provoking question posed by a scholar, the GAIS Scholar Series event is simply something that you can’t miss

- Tell us you are the one into books, articles, videos and online discussions, and we would direct you to something you would absolutely enjoy, the *Reading Circle * event. And who knows you might even have a chance to discuss live with the book author!

- So you are the one who believes in harnessing the collective intellect, getting to know talented people and learning how the challenges of schools are resolved, look no further, GAIS Spotlight is your event!

Scholar Series

5-Mar-2022 – Islamic schools – places of transformation Scholar Series
9-Apr-2022 – The Teacher: A Real Agent of Change Scholar Series
28-May-2022 – The Role of Professional Identity in Islamic School Boards Scholar Series
18-Jun-2022 – Islamic Leadership to Advance Equity and Justice Scholar Series
2-Jul-2022 – Reading Circle-Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Prophet (SAW)
16-Jul-2022 – 5D Thinking Spotlight
15-Jun-2022 – GAIS Update
30-Jul-2022 – Designing Islamic schools for tomorrow, Scholar Series
13-Aug-2022 – Reading Circle – My Wheel Chair
20-Aug-2022 – Exploring futures of Islamic schools Scholar Series
27-Aug-2022 – Muslim Kidz TV Spotlight
10 Sept-2022 – “Is Islamic Studies failing Muslim Learners?” Prof. Dr. Mohamad Abdalla Scholar Series
24-Sep-2022 – Curriculum Renewal for Islamic Education: Critical Perspectives on Teaching Islam in Primary & Secondary Schools.

Reading Circle

2-Jul-2022 – Leadership Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah

5th Nov-2022 – GAIS Reading Circle – Meet the author of Five Pillars of Prosperity


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