The Global Association of Islamic Schools (GAIS) strives to connect the minds of Muslim educationists striving for educational excellence & Islamization of education across the globe. This is a platform wherein the best minds of the community in the arena of K to 12 schooling pour in their thoughts, experiences & valuable insights to enrich the process of educating our next generation. We strive, on this platform, to collect the resources that will enhance the understanding of education from an Islamic perspective & improve the quality of educational practice in the institutions connected to this global educational community. The beneficiaries include teachers, supervisors, principals, school managements and ultimately are beloved students.

Educationists, academicians, thought leaders, school leaders, teacher trainers are invited to share their articles, write-ups, presentations & books on Once approved it will be uploaded on our website. We look forward to your contributions which will be valuable inputs to uplift the moral, spiritual, intellectual & methodological standards of our institutions.



Geared towards Islamization of knowledge & education


Includes integration of empirical, secular knowledge with divine guidance & traditional wisdom


Includes practical methods, techniques for effective education


Not alluding to secular or agnostic approach to education


Not having derogatory content towards any movement, sect, organization or religion


Not incendiary or provocative in any way or form

Disclaimer: Any views, findings, research and conclusions expressed in the articles posted here are solely the opinions of the authors. GAIS does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy & validity of the content in the articles posted. GAIS is not liable for any errors or omissions in these articles.



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The Purpose of an Islamic School

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Rethinking Education

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Islamic Concept of Education

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Educational Doctrine

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