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Welcome to the Books section, O people of “Iqra!”

Reading is known to expand our knowledge, stimulate our brain, and enhance our imagination, among a host of other benefits. And so, reading books is known to inspire our thoughts and shape our persona. Therefore, it is imperative that we be mindful of what we are feeding our children’s minds with.

The books listed here have been carefully selected. They align with Islamic values and give children a better understanding of themselves and others.

With books, you are never lonely!
Go ahead, choose a book to read!

Iqra, meaning “Read,” is the first word that was revealed in the Quran. This alone should suffice to emphasize the importance of reading.

Our Books

Princess Solehah

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Iremia lived a beautiful young princess named Princess Solehah who was loved by many. She loved to read Quran and always obeyed her parents.

One day, she went to the forest alone and met an old lady. Then, something bad happened to her! Explore on the adventure by reading the full story

Princess Solehah : Catching The Rainbow

One sunny morning after the rain and while playing under a big tree, Princess Solehah and all her animal friends saw a beautiful colourful thing in the sky and they tried to catch it. But suddenly the beautiful colourful thing in the sky disappeared!

What is that beautiful colourful thing in the sky? And can Princess Solehah and her friends catch it?

Explore the adventure by reading the full story.

Princess Solehah And The Missing Key

Princess Solehah lost the key to her mysterious box. Together with her good friends, Princess Aryanna and Princess Nayra, they went on an adventure to seek the missing key.

Let’s find out what is in her mysterious box!

Princess Solehah And The Sandcastle

Princess Solehah and her friends decided to have a picnic at the beach on a very breezy day.

As they were building a sandcastle, something terrible happened!

How did Princess Solehah feel and react to the situation?

Little Maryam And The Wicked Wolf

Little Maryam and the Wicked Wolf is a nice story for children as young as 6 years old to read and enjoy. It is a story with Islamic values and Islamic storyline. It provides parents with an interesting way to teach their children good akhlaq and adab.

My Delicious Superheroes

Sarah has fallen ill and needs nutritious food. The vegetables in her kitchen fridge want to help her feel better. Let’s learn about the different types of vegetables and how good they are for us.

Up In The Jambu Tree

Sarah and Emir love to spend time up in the Jambu Tree. They explore various occupational ideas and have fun pretending to be a doctor, a farmer

and many more.

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